There is plenty of things to see and do for all tastes in Barcelona. Here come some of our recommendation:

Barcelona is beautifull city with amazing architectural heritage! From medieval old town to extramodern architecture! Byt nodoubts, the exquisite modernist buildings with unique creations of Antonio Gaudi is and absolute highlight! Actualy there is a touch of Gaudi’s hand right in Plaza Real – the richly decorated lamps.

Spanish cuisine is a rising star in the wold of great food and vine. Spanish cooks are continiuosly competeng for “the best”in the world” names. Unsurprisingly Barcelona has a lot of excelent restaurants ofering amasingly tasty food playing around the traditional, freshness of product and  … love for eating .

Football and “FB Barcelona” is joy and pride not only for barcelonese but for millons around the world! Look for titchets well in advance in order to get into Camp Nou stadium and exerience the emothion of beeing part of the 99’000 fans family!

It is right in the center of the city! It will take only 15min for you to go there from apartments! Strall  the seaside  to get to less crowded beaches that lay after Puerto Olimpico.